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  • Message by the managing director


    We started our movement, when a gap was created from what it was and what should be. I look from the past to the future believing that past does not survive; with all the bitterness and sweet memories, past commerce can help us reach our future goals. The business competition era started that seriously in the second half of the 20th century caused such growth and development in the industry, commerce, and wealth within half a century that has been unprecedented during the life of human beings in the world. This era started with the orientation of quality in the production elements and draw the strong and weak points of the organizations. However, these factors that used to be considered as a competitive score were transformed to the initial rights and became public, and subsequently the ring for the end of the competitive era became resonated. The idea of such competition in today’s world of business provides the customers’ satisfaction for a short time. Today, the power of a brand in addition to the quality is a credit that is acquired in the minds of customers. The basis for competition includes the perception and recognition of the needs of customers in production according to their requirements. Nowadays, people require and consume the thing that they believe. I am quite pleased that our complex, since the date of establishment, has tried that in addition to paying special attention to quality, to present the hygiene and safety of food materials for you with great honor, and provide beautiful and memorable memories in your mind. We have always considered ourselves in place of the customers and thought like them, in order to fulfil their real points of views and meet with their needs. We are proud that with such a viewpoint, we could bring the name “SANJABAK” together with beautiful memories in your mind.

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  • about sanjabak

    about sanjabak For Hagh Shenas Food Industries Group with the band name “Sanjabak”, the producer of the products such as nuts and dried fruits, as the first and pioneer group in producing washed nuts in Asian continent, all the concepts are advancing Read More
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