about us

For Hagh Shenas Food Industries Group with the band name “Sanjabak”, the producer of the products such as nuts and dried fruits, as the first and pioneer group in producing washed nuts in Asian continent, all the concepts are advancing with only one aim, “Creating health in nutrition with completely organic products”.

All the personnel in this large complex are trying to follow that aim in meeting the wonderful experience for our customers. The expert engineers and specialists of R&D department in this company try to provide the creation of the best combinations with different tastes by using the best raw materials, modern technology, and entrepreneur ideas. Since the priority of Sanjabak brand is providing the best possible technology and raw materials in the world in this industry together with paying attention to the workforce, the products have different excellent tastes, and considerable as well as beautiful packages. Diversity and quality of Sanjabak products in their tastes have caused these products to have extraordinary popularity among the consumers. The prominent difference in the taste and combinations is due to using quality natural raw materials, which has led “Sanjabak” to attract the satisfaction of the customers both in the domestic as well as foreign markets. By exporting to many countries in the world, including Turkey, China, U.A.E, Russia, and many other countries, the brand of “Sanjabak” could prove its capabilities and skills, in addition to having a prominent role in economic development of the country and have a great share in the Iranian market. With over half a decade of experience in production, Hagh Shenas Food Industries Group (Sanjabak) could have a great role in consuming healthy junk food with superb tastes in many houses and various complexes and providing happy moments, and introduce the products in the market baskets of different families. One of the important missions of Hagh Shenas Food Industries Group is using quality kernels and fruits, by observing the modern standards in the world, in order to provide appropriate products with superb tastes, in addition to promoting the consumers’ tastes and maintaining health in the required nutrition. Customer satisfaction of the consumers of Sanjabak products is our greatest reason and motivation to continue our aims.

“Sanjabak” invites you to a healthy nutrition within the nature.