Tehran, Dec 5, IRNA – Iranian female futsal goalkeeper Farzaneh Tavasoli has become nominated for best goalkeeper in the world.

 According to Futsal Planet website, Tavasoli's name was also listed among best players in the world.

She had earlier been listed in 2015 Futsal Planet.

Each individual voter will vote for their 5 favourites in each category from the nominees which have been selected by The FutsalPlanet team.

They will vote in order of preference.

So their first chosen nominee will receive 5 points, their second 4 points and so on with their fifth nominee receiving 1 point. If, in the case that one of the voters is also a nominee in a category, they will not be allowed to vote in that category.

The winner in each category will be the nominee that receives the most points by the closing date, after which no votes will be counted.

The final results will be announced on December 31.