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product color: #a81b1b
product weight: 40 gr

Dried fruits are useful and have useful therapeutic effects, without having any side effects. They are nutritive and provide the required energy for the body. In fact, in can be said that dried fruits act as natural caps for maintaining health in people.
Everyone should take care of his/her health. We should have appropriate nutrition for having healthy body, and we should also have adequate physical exercises.
Consuming natural food such as nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains is quite advantageous for maintaining the health. Dried fruits are rich in required nutrients for the body such ass vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Calorie: 105
Total Fat (gr): 0.23
Sodium (mg): 182.6
Carbohydrate (gr): 15.37
Protein (gr): 0.6